Youth Singlets
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Asics Solid Modified High Cut Singlet (SKU: 2400)Asics Solid Modified High Cut Singlet (SKU: 2400)
Asics Women Modified Singlet (SKU: 240W)Asics Women Modified Singlet (SKU: 240W)
Cliff Keen ESCAPE Singlet (SKU: 22ES)Cliff Keen ESCAPE Singlet (SKU: 22ES)
Cliff Keen Relentless Compression Singlet (SKU: 22RL)Cliff Keen Relentless Compression Singlet (SKU: 22RL)
Cliff Keen Womens Respond Reversible (SKU: 22WB)Cliff Keen Womens Respond Reversible (SKU: 22WB)
Grab Bag Singlet (SKU: 25GB)Grab Bag Singlet (SKU: 25GB)
Matman Bruiser Singlet (SKU: 21BR)Matman Bruiser Singlet (SKU: 21BR)
Matman Camo Freestyle (SKU: 29SF)Matman Camo Freestyle (SKU: 29SF)
Matman Camo Reversible Singlet (SKU: 29CR)Matman Camo Reversible Singlet (SKU: 29CR)
Matman Camo Singlet Tan Marines (SKU: 21MO-TC-02)Matman Camo Singlet Tan Marines (SKU: 21MO-TC-02)
Matman Chest Sweep (SKU: 2138)Matman Chest Sweep (SKU: 2138)
Matman Eclipse Singlet (SKU: 21EC)Matman Eclipse Singlet (SKU: 21EC)
Matman High Cut Lycra Womens Singlet, Pink (SKU: 2196)Matman High Cut Lycra Womens Singlet, Pink (SKU: 2196)
Matman High Cut Nylon - youth (SKU: 2181)Matman High Cut Nylon - youth (SKU: 2181)
Matman High Cut Solid Lycra Singlet (SKU: 2185)Matman High Cut Solid Lycra Singlet (SKU: 2185)
Matman Illinois Singlet (SKU: 2152)Matman Illinois Singlet (SKU: 2152)
Matman Lycra Reversible high-cut (SKU: 2106)Matman Lycra Reversible high-cut (SKU: 2106)
Matman Lycra Singlet (Black or White) (SKU: 2195)Matman Lycra Singlet (Black or White) (SKU: 2195)
Matman Lyrca Reversible low-cut (SKU: 2102)Matman Lyrca Reversible low-cut (SKU: 2102)
Matman Penn State (SKU: 2125)Matman Penn State (SKU: 2125)
Matman Reversible Singlet (SKU: 2108)Matman Reversible Singlet (SKU: 2108)
MATMAN Singlet Athens FILA Cut (SKU: 2124)MATMAN Singlet Athens FILA Cut (SKU: 2124)
Matman Sydney Singlet (SKU: 210F)Matman Sydney Singlet (SKU: 210F)
Matman Tights Lycra Stirrups Youth (SKU: 919Y)Matman Tights Lycra Stirrups Youth (SKU: 919Y)
Matman Women Chest Sweep (SKU: 2138W)Matman Women Chest Sweep (SKU: 2138W)
Matman Women High Cut Solid Lycra Singlet (SKU: 2186)Matman Women High Cut Solid Lycra Singlet (SKU: 2186)
Matman Women Illinois (SKU: 2152W)Matman Women Illinois (SKU: 2152W)
Matman WOMEN`S ATHENS Singlet (SKU: 21WA)Matman WOMEN`S ATHENS Singlet (SKU: 21WA)
Matman Womens Delta Singlet (Black/Pink) (SKU: 21WD)Matman Womens Delta Singlet (Black/Pink) (SKU: 21WD)
Matman Womens Reversible (SKU: 2188)Matman Womens Reversible (SKU: 2188)
Saber Reversible Singlet (SKU: 29TTR1)Saber Reversible Singlet (SKU: 29TTR1)
Super Hero Youth Singlet (SKU: 29HS)Super Hero Youth Singlet (SKU: 29HS)
Women Eclipse (MATMAN) (SKU: 21ECW)Women Eclipse (MATMAN) (SKU: 21ECW)
Men's & Boys Apparel Size Chart:

Men's & Boys Apparel Size Chart:

YS 40-55 (4XS) 40-55 ----
YM 56-75 (3XS) 56-75 55-73
YL 76-95 (2XS) 76-95 74-100
XS 96-115 96-115 ----
S 116-135 116-135 110-140
M 136-160 136-170 141-170
L 161-190 171-205 171-195
XL 191-220 206-230 196-220
2XL 221-250 231-250 221-250
3XL 251+ 251+ 251-300

YS 40-55 (4XS) 40-60 ----
YM 56-75 (3XS) 61-75 45-60 (3XS)
YL 76-95 (2XS) 76-90 61-85 (2XS)
XS 96-115 91-110 86-105
S 116-135 111-130 106-130
M 136-160 131-155 131-160
L 161-190 156-185 161-190
XL 191-220 186-225 191-220
2XL 221+ 226-275 221-250
3XL ----- 276-340 251-280
We not only offer a large number of different style singlets, we offer youth wrestling singlets, and even girls wrestling singlets.  We have the sizes to accommodate youth wrestling singlet sizes in almost all of our styles.  We provide a sizing chart so the the youth wresting singlet you decide on will fit you to the best of its ability.  Our youth wrestling singlets are durable and long lasting.
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